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I have been seeing Claire for over 7 years now, and she always manages to keep our workouts fresh, challenging and always fun.  I am stronger and more fit because of Claire and her amazing workouts!! - Karen, 50

Working with Claire is often the (physical) highlight of my week.  She has taught me so much about my body, both strengths and weaknesses, and she has me do things I would have never believed possible.  When she shows me a new move, I try it and fail, we both laugh and start over.  She pushes me beyond my limits with good humour and amazing knowledge. - Liz, 71

Train your body, love your life! Claire's words, and they couldn't be more true.  With Claire's guidance and support I have worked towards challenging myself, both physically and mentally, on the path to achieving my fitness goals.  Claire has been there beside me, literally, all the way and to be honest there are times when she has had faith in what I could do, even when I myself wasn't entirely sure.  At just a few days short of my 49th birthday, I feel stronger than I have in years, and this in itself motivates me to keep pushing myself to see what is possible.  Claire is knowledgeable, kind, and above all supportive of all my efforts. I am proud to call Claire my trainer, but perhaps more importantly, my friend. - Colin, 49

I chose to work with Claire because I needed an informed and positive person to challenge me to go beyond my comfort zone and achieve new goals in health and fitness.  Claire brought focus, clear instructions, new ideas and lots of humour to each of our sessions. I completed exercises that I didn't think were possible with her encouragement and guidance. I've gained strength, stamina and more confidence! - Amanda, 34

Working with Claire over the past 7 months has been wonderful!  Her combo of sincere enthusiasm and encouragement is extremely motivating.  She's very knowledgable about how to maintain proper form to avoid injury, all while providing innumerable new exercises to change up your routine and keep your muscles working.  I'm so delighted I found her and intend to keep working with her for a long time to come.  I highly recommend her. - Jody, 45

After 4 years of constant back pain with massage and chiropractic bills exceeding $2500 a year, I took a chance and booked 12 sessions with Claire in 2013.  Following Claire's program advice, I was virtually pain free within weeks of my first visit.  Now four years later, I continue to follow Claire's workout program the back pain is gone and the massage bills are less than $300 per year.  I can't say enough about Claire and the impact she had had on my fitness and state of mind. - Mike, 50

Having Claire as my personal trainer is the best investment I've made for my health.  She keeps me motivated to improve my fitness level and since working with her my strength, balance and endurance has improved considerably.  She raises the level of difficulty but at the same time is aware of my limitations.  She is truly an excellent trainer with a combination of warmth and toughness.  She knows when to push so that my goals are challenging yet achievable and she places high value on correct form with each exercise.  Master of her craft, passionate about fitness and it shows through the enthusiasm she brings to each of our sessions. - Hope, 80

Claire is a fantastic trainer, motivator, educator, nutritionist and super up beat person.  I started training with Claire after a motor vehicle accident left me with whiplash.  I subsequently tore an Achilles tendon.  Claire was instrumental in helping me recover from both of these injuries.  She planned routines to strengthen and support all my weak areas.  By the end of our training she had me doing high intensity interval training.  With both injuries, I progressed from rehab to strength training.  Years later, I still use the exercises and stretches that Claire taught me to address my problem areas.  During our training sessions we often discussed nutrition.  Between our discussions and the training I managed to loose 35 pounds.  Claire is adept at tailoring programs to everyones Individual needs.  I would still be training with her if I had not moved from Victoria.  To say that Claire was instrumental in my transformation from an unfit, overweight individual to a fit and much trimmer individual (who now appreciates fitness) is an understatement.  A  million thanks to Claire for changing my outlook on nutrition and fitness training.  - Sheila, 50+

Claire brings a wealth of knowledge and wonderful attributes to her role as a personal trainer.  She is a practicing Kinesiologist so is very knowledgeable about the body and specific exercises that would be most beneficial in reaching her clients fitness goals.  She is very personable and you really feel you have her undivided attention while she is with you.  She is excellent in communicating and she goes out of her way to help your understand and perform your exercise program.  I am excited about the program she has developed for me and I feel it will help me ways that I haven't been able to develop in my previous fitness routines. If you are thinking of getting a personal trainer I highly recommend that you meet with Claire for an initial consultation so you can get a sense of the knowledge and wonderful personal qualities that she has to share.  -Judi, 60+

Happy Customer

Claire Lipke

"Train your body, love your life."

Personal Trainer, Kinesiologist, Registered Acupuncturist